4 Tips on how to travel on a budget

Do you want to travel, but don’t quite have enough money to go to the places you want to go? There are cheaper ways of traveling, but before delving into what those are, make the distinction between cheap and budget. Cheap travel is when to try to squeeze into a $5 a night room with no windows, no fan, a communal shower and a family of rats. When your goal is to simply go to a place so that you can tick it off your bucket list and be able to brag to your friends how easy it was to get by in India for $10 then that’s your thing. If you want to experience the best of what your journey has to offer and return home in one piece, there are some things you shouldn’t make concessions for like a comfortable bed and a shower. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of any trip to any destination in the world on a budget.

#1. Road Trips

The destination determines the mode of transportation you will need to use. If it’s on the same continent, or a few states away from home consider driving. For a long road trip, you can plan your route and stop off in places that you might enjoy exploring a bit. You only have to spend money on gas and accommodation but if you really want to be cheap, you can always find a safe place to park and sleep in your car.

#2. Fly cheap

If you are not the “fun is in the journey” type of guy and you have a schedule to keep, then flying is the right way for you to travel. You can get cheap flights by booking long distance flights on budget airlines. If you know where and when you will be traveling book early, that way you are sure to avoid any price increases that may occur.

#3. Travel during off-season

Most travelers go to places when the tourists’ season is over. Things tend to quiet down and prices aren’t inflated as they tend to be during the tourist trade season.

#4. Swap houses

If you live in a popular area and you don’t mind letting a stranger sleep in your house whilst you sleep in theirs, then this could help you save money on accommodation so you can spend it on something else. Make sure you leave your house spotlessly clean by contacting soniccarpetcare.ca to do your carpets and floors. There are databases worldwide of people willing to swap houses for a bit. Just make sure you check how safe it is and talk to your potential house guest before you make the final commitment.